Index group has had a long and successful history by promoting forestry and environmental solutions for companies all over Brazil.

This history began in 1971 when Professor Antônio Albino Ramos founded Confal Consultoria Florestal Brasileira, a Brazilian forestry consultancy company, the oldest forest consulting company in activity.

After decades of project activities all over Brazil and having built a brand that has become reference for all company’s generations, the directors at Confal decided to write a new chapter on its trajectory by creating the Grupo Index (Index Group), which incorporates Index Florestal and Index Ambiental.

Grupo Index promotes a new way of management, focused on sustainability in all of its projects. Sharing knowledge and resources among their partner companies, it is possible to reduce costs and maximize results for both, the clients and the environment.


To promote technical solutions aiming the sustainable development of its clients and the country, through an experienced and highly skilled team.


To provide services and become globally recognized for efficiency in meeting clients’ demands with technical capacity and promoting sustainable solutions.


Personal and professional workers development

Financial and human resources optimization

Working environment investment

Transparancy management

Quality process

Costumer satisfaction